Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Business and life does not always go as planned and for a variety of reasons a company or individual can find themselves unable to pay their bills (liabilities) with the result being insolvency or bankruptcy.

It is important if you or your business is in financial difficulty that you take action. Ignoring it and carrying on will have more serious consequences and addressing issues quickly is always the correct course of action.

Unfortunately, debt does not disappear by itself. If you or your business is going through difficult financial times and cannot afford to pay debt owed, early intervention is the best option to help reach the best possible outcome. It is vital to seek professional legal advice as soon as possible, the sooner you seek advice, the higher the chances are that your business can be recovered and you can be protected personally.

If you have been serviced with a claim form or judgement or someone has issued a bankruptcy petition or a statutory demand against you acting swiftly will protect you?

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At such a stressful time, you need some clear, effective and practical advice from a legal professional. At Richard Wilson Long, our specialist bankruptcy solicitors and qualified insolvency practitioners are here to help, acting for both creditors and debtors in debt dispute and bankruptcy proceedings.

We will assess your situation and apply our experience and skills to assist you or your business in all aspects of insolvency, bankruptcy and general dispute resolution.

What is Insolvency?

Insolvency occurs when a business or set of individuals are unable to pay back their debt. This can include liquidation, administration and voluntary arrangements, to name a few. If not acted upon quickly, this can lead to further implications.

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy applies only to individuals who cannot repay debts to creditors and may seek relief from some or all of their debts. Bankruptcy is a way to deal with debts that you cannot afford to pay back, the process is legally binding and you may be subject to restrictions moving forward.

What’s the difference between Insolvency and Bankruptcy?

Insolvency relates to a partnership entity or a limited company, whereas bankruptcy applies only to an individual.

We act on behalf of:

  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Regulators and more.

We can advise on the following Insolvency & Bankruptcy matters:

  • Negotiating repayment agreements with your creditors or debtors
  • Recovering money owed by an insolvent individual or company
  • Administration orders
  • Voluntary arrangements
  • Bankruptcy annulments
  • Director disqualification
  • Bankruptcy
  • Liquidations
  • Defending directors
  • Validation orders
  • Sections 235 and 236 Insolvency Act interviews
  • Insolvency litigation
  • Personal guarantee liabilities
  • Advising and representing you as a creditor
  • Statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions or orders
  • Bankruptcy, liquidation or administration
  • Winding-up petitions
  • Protecting family assets
  • Purchasing assets from insolvency estates
  • Debt management

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