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Employment law has become ever more complicated in recent years, whether you are an employer or an employee.

In these difficult economic times we specialise in helping employers to understand and work within the maze of rules so that they can ensure a well-motivated work-force while at the same time managing costs; and in advising employees on their rights and the practical ways to manage their job to the best effect.

We try always to help avoid disputes, which can be extremely time-consuming, disruptive and expensive, and are committed to negotiated solutions, where appropriate using mediation or other alternative resolution techniques. We are however highly experienced at Employment Tribunal and Court procedures should these become necessary.

Employing Staff And Dealing With Staff Problems

  • Do all of your staff have contracts?
  • Are they up to date with equal opportunities and other recent legislation?
  • Can you prevent staff who leave from taking your customers with them?


  • Do you know your rights?
  • What happens if you’re dismissed or threatened with dismissal?


We can also help the self-employed understand your rights and responsibilities.

Settlement Agreements

When an employee’s contract is terminated, and agreement is reached between employer and employee as to the terms, we are happy to draft a Settlement Agreement for the employer embodying the terms, or to advise the employee on its implications for them.

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